Rockwood is surrounded by farmland and farms of all kinds. Not many people realize that one of these farms is the home of Ontario’s largest, all-season, oyster mushroom growing facility in Ontario – W & T Mushrooms. A family business, like so many in our community, it is part of a growing movement promoting local, fresh food. We think mushrooms are the perfect theme for a festival promoting our prolific region – a festival featuring a variety of local foods, culinary skill, Ontario wine, music, art and fun.

Such a festival, the first and only mushroom festival in Ontario, will put Rockwood on the summer traveller’s map, complementing the magical Festival of Lights Parade in December. Net proceeds will support community organizations and activities.


The Rockwood Mushroom Fest is organized by a group of community volunteers from Rockwood and surrounding areas. These volunteers have significant expertise and experience which is reflected in the short biographies of the lead organizers included in this package. St. John’s Anglican Church has offered the church and its lovely grounds as the venue.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rockwood Mushroom Fest is to enhance the quality of life in the Town of Rockwood by providing its local and regional citizens with a significant annual autumnal celebration and a means of promoting the people, businesses, agriculture, arts, education and organizations that make up the community and region.


               • To provide a unique cultural and educational experience for participating


               • To expand tourism and create opportunities for local organizations and

                  businesses to showcase their products and services.

               • To establish and maintain an administrative committee to achieve the

                  purposes outlined in the mission statement.

               • To promote agricultural, culinary, and artistic attractions in Southern


               • To provide opportunities for local organizations to raise revenue and give

                  volunteers a sense of community pride.

               • To provide entertainment and cultural activities and opportunities that have

                  a broad appeal to locals and visitors alike.

Strategic Goal 

To become recognized as a viable annual festival in Ontario.